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Some places call it glow-in-the-dark bowling. Others call it neon night or cyber bowling. But for Houma, it's Cosmic Bowling all the way.
Every weekend, Creole Lanes transforms into a shower of fluorescent lights - everything from shoes to bowling balls glow in the dark under the black lights throughout the building.

Complete with fluorescent accent tables and chairs, even people with white shirts glow under the disco balls and black lights prominently featured throughout the space. Although Cosmic Bowling has been a featured attraction of Creole Lanes since July of 2000, the Cosmic Bowling trend is not fading any time soon.

Instead, the trend is taking off the around the country, with more bowling alleys transforming their stodgy image to an upbeat atmosphere.

We welcome everyone to come to Creole Lanes and enjoy bowling, the Cosmic Bowling and many other fun things.

We have great game room filled with a variety of arcade machines from air hockey to racing video games.

Our restaurant is very popular and we provide many menu options whether it is for your birthday party or snacking between the games.

Creole Lanes Bar and two poker machines are among other very popular attractions and will keep you entertained for awhile.

Creole Lanes is like no other place and we make sure that you have fun when you are here.

You may take an opportunity and visit our Pro Shop where you will find a wide selection of bowling balls, bags and many other necessities to make your bowling game more enjoyable and to achieve higher scores.

To make you more comfortable, we feature a locker room. You may take an advantage and store your items and belongings in our facilities.

Whether it's a birthday party or your night out, Creole Lanes is the place to be. We will accommodate you and make sure that you have a good time and come back again and again.

Creole Lanes is your family bowling center and it is like no other!

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