Frequently Asked Questions


Rules and Tips of the Game

  • Safety First
  • Keep Your Arm Swing Loose
  • Use Your Lower Body Leverage
  • Finish Up Close To The Foul Line
  • Relax Thumb, Come Through Ball
  • Bowling Is A Mental Game
  • Try The Drop Away Method
  • Shoe Sliding Problems (Sticking)
  • Develop Your Own Bowling Style
  • Watch Professional Bowlers On TV
  • Timing
  • Thumb
  • Spares
  • Visualize

Safety First

Safety is the most important aspect of any activity. You will agree that if you are injured then you can't practice, not to mention enjoying the game. So, always keep in mind that all lanes are oiled. The oil is used for lubrication so that a bowing ball runs smooth and straight. DO NOT under any circumstances step over the foul line. Stay in the safe zone and enjoy the game!

Keep Your Arm Swing Loose

The key to a loose arm swing is keeping your grip relaxed in the ball. Don't squeeze fingers or thumb, keep them relaxed, especially the thumb. To have a relaxed thumb in the ball your ball has to be fitted and drilled correctly. If your thumb hole feels loose it will cause you to squeeze the ball and then muscle your swing. Inserts in the thumb and finger holes can help give you a more secure fit. If you have a large webbing at the base of your thumb adding extra bevel around the top of the thumb hole will give you a deeper more secure fit.

Use Your Lower Body Leverage

On the last step bend your knee to get down lower to the lane and slide your foot straight towards the foul line making sure it does not turn. Think of it as sliding into a deep knee bend. Counter balance your body by moving your non-sliding leg sideways to the opposite side of your bowling arm. Make sure you keep your upper body fairly erect as you get down low to the lane.

Finish Up Close To The Foul Line

You should be about six inches from the foul line at the end of the delivery to have an optimal release. In an optimal release the ball is lofted a small distance over the foul line before it makes contact with the lane. This gets the ball further down the lane conserving energy when it hits the pins. If you are finishing up too far from the foul line move closer to it when you start out in the stance.

Relax Thumb, Come Through Ball

Don't try to over lift or turn the ball during the release. It will only cause muscling and misdirection of your arm swing. Instead just relax your thumb and come cleanly through the ball as you release it and follow through, keeping your eyes focused on your target. For a strong release you need good lower body leverage (legs) and you also need to finish up close to the foul line (see above tips).

Bowling Is A Mental Game

Analyze your delivery and think about what you are doing when you practice. Feel your good shots as you make them and imprint it into your mind so you can repeat them. Use visualization to practice off the lanes in your mind making perfect shots.

Try The Drop Away Method

The drop away replaces the push away. In the drop away method hold the ball high up in the stance at shoulder height and take a small first step but don't move the ball (no push away). Instead just let the ball drop down into the swing on the second step. If this feels awkward to you try sliding your foot out on the first step until you get used to it.

Shoe Sliding Problems (Sticking)

If you have trouble sliding buy a Dexter red slide sole and some velcro self sticking fastener. Cut red slide sole and velcro self sticking fastener the same size as rubber heel on slide shoe. Paste velcro fastener on rubber heal and fasten red slide sole.

Develop Your Own Bowling Style

There's no good or bad way that bowlers bowl and anything can work when a bowler repeats same movements often enough. Do what works best for your game and gives you highest scores.

Watch Professional Bowlers On TV

Watch the professional bowlers on TV and record them with your VCR. Play back the tape and watch in slow motion. Study how they do the basics to improve your own game. The women pros are great to watch because they rely on finesse over power.


Timing is what seperates great bowlers from good ones. It cannot be taught to you, it is something that each individual must teach themselves on their own since everybody's timing is different. This is where natural ability plays a large part, but anyone who puts their mind to it can learn it. The key thing to remember is that the speed of the arm swing sets the pace for the speed of the feet. You need to find the right arm swing speed so that your feet aren't forced to rush or go too slow. Experiment with how high you hold the ball in the stance to get just the right arm swing speed you feel comfortable with and that will keep both swing and feet in sync with each other without rushing line or going too slow.


Make sure your thumb is relaxed and straight when you go to release the ball. If your thumb wants to bend practice swinging the ball while standing still to get the right feel of a relaxed, straight thumb.


Face them with your entire body and go straight at them. It's best to shoot corner pins at angles and use as much of the lane as possible. Relax, many people tense up on spares.


A good idea is to try to analyze your game and think about what you are doing when you practice. Use visualization to bowl off the lanes, imagine yourself making great shots. Feel your good shots when you make them and imprint it into your mind so you can repeat them again.

Safety First

Never cross the foul line, there is oil on the lane and it is VERY slippery.

Never put your hand or anything else in the ball return.

Bowling shoes must be worn.